Natural White Marble Fireplace with Many Baby Statues for Decoration


Model NO.: AKM-063

Size: Life Size / Custom Customized : Customized

Material: Marble

Technology: Marble carving

Surface: Polish

Design: Customized

Import & Export Mode: Have Own Export License

Package: Wooden Batten box

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Today, in the late autumn, winter, and early spring in north China and the bleak and cold season in the south, the fireplace presents a perfect side. It is no wonder that the ancestors would choose the fireplace to cope with different solar terms, even though the inheritance of the fireplace culture in China has had a period of fault. However, happiness can only be described as the life of returning home with a clever and careful decoration, a hot coffee, a warm blanket, and a favorite book.

In 17th-century England, reading a novel or reciting lines from a play in front of a fireplace became a fashion for the upper and lower classes alike. The word “fireplace” alone appears 36 times in Emily Bronte’s novel Wuthering Heights. In western movie culture, fireplaces can be seen in romantic love, inspirational science fiction, or scary movies and TV works. Why does this design element appear indiscriminately multiple times in different scenarios? This lies in its unique atmosphere-building attributes and its own sense of advance, which can perfectly match the development of the plot and turn together. The ability to continue to dominate the central position of the family for hundreds of years was on display. If you want to install a fireplace in your home, you can take a look at our marble fireplace with many baby statues. We also have many other character fireplace sculptures.  Welcome to our website to choose your favorite one.


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