Natural White Marble Fmantel with Columns and Women Statues


Model NO.: AKM-064

Size: Life Size / Custom Customized : Customized

Material: Marble

Technology: Marble carving

Surface: Polish

Design: Customized

Import & Export Mode: Have Own Export License

Package: Wooden Batten box

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The original fireplace is the central stove of Saxon times. It was a simple clay slab in the middle of the floor, and smoke was escaping through holes and crevices in the roof. With the advent of the central stove, people gathered around the stove rather than around the bonfire. People’s position from the stove indicates different social status, the higher the person is, the closer to the stove. By this time the central stove had become more than just a heating function. Later, with the development of timber construction, stoves in the center of homes became impractical and dangerous. So you need to move from the center to the sidewall. Then chimneys appeared, forming the European fireplace we see today. Take a look at the marble fireplace mantel with columns. The columns on either side of the fireplace are made up of sculptures of two women. The whole fireplace is full of classical charm.


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