yellow marble modern home decor long floating mantel shelf


Model NO.: AKM-215

Size: Life Size / Custom Customized : Customized

Material: Marble

Technology: Marble carving

Surface: Polish

Design: Customized

Import & Export Mode: Have Our Own Export License

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The fireplace has gradually become one of the most popular household decorations. Take a look at this long floating mantel shelf. This is a large double fireplace frame. It is carved from yellow marble. It can be seen that the patterns carved on it are very exquisite. This long floating mantel shelf is a perfect decoration for your home.

The wood-burning fireplace is the mainstream product used by independent buildings and villa owners. Compared with the traditional fireplace, the modern wood-burning fireplace has been greatly improved. The closed combustion chamber and secondary combustion technology are adopted, and new environment-friendly special charcoal can be used, with low cost, high calorific value, sufficient combustion, and clean emission. It is the most natural and romantic way of heating. A brick and stone fireplace is one of the most efficient fireplaces in the application of wood-burning fireplaces. The efficiency of a Russian fireplace is as high as 90%, far exceeding the efficiency of any heating method. The combustion temperature of the fireplace is extremely high, which can burn all the smoke generated by the low-temperature combustion and avoid the emission of very few particles. In the four regions with the most stringent environmental protection requirements in the United States, and in areas where wood burning is prohibited in Washington, Colorado, and other places, fireplaces are efficient heating facilities allowed. The burning of wood does not produce any sulfide and does not emit additional carbon dioxide in nature, which is zero carbon emission; Direct use of wood burning is at least twice as economical as electric heating or natural gas heating. You can take a look at this long floating mantel shelf. Aongking also has more yellow marble fireplaces waiting for you to choose from.


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