Home Decorated with Detailed Carving White Fireplace Shelf


Model NO.: AKM-020

Size: Life Size / Custom Customized : Customized

Material: Marble

Technology: Marble carving

Surface: Polish

Design: Customized

Import & Export Mode: Have Own Export License

Package: Wooden Batten box

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The most important function of fireplaces has remained constant for thousands of years. In addition to providing warmth, it brings the family together. In western tradition, the fireplace used to be the core area for a family reunion and emotional communication. As night falls, the family returns and gathers around the fireplace after work and before going to bed. It is related to love and warmth, the two most basic yearning in people’s hearts. Fireplaces beyond the function of actual use, become a symbol of emotion. And the feeling of baking warmth, and the leaping, flickering flames, are still pleasant in cold weather, even today.  You can take a look at our white fireplace shelf sculpture. An elaborately carved fireplace fills your room with style. We also have more indoor fireplaces for you to choose from.



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