Bedroom Wall Decor Single-layer Classic Marble Floating Mantel Shelf


Model NO.: AKM-254

Size: Life Size / Custom Customized: Customized

Material: Marble

Technology: Marble carving

Surface: Polish

Design: Customized

Import & Export Mode: Have Our Own Export License

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The fireplace is an increasingly common interior decoration. Take a look at this marble floating mantel shelf. This is a fireplace frame carved from marble. The patterns on the upper side are carved very carefully. You can observe it carefully, and you will find that it is a symmetrical figure on both sides. This marble floating mantel shelf is perfect for your living room as a great decoration.

In the western world, the fireplace is all, which symbolizes the meaning of knowledge, taste, origin, and family. Great as Wright said: “The fireplace is a symbol, which means you have a father and a group of family members. It is open, warm, can take refuge, can love.” Roosevelt, the former President of the United States, gave an interview in front of the fireplace and let this form spread to this day, which has become a beautiful talk of “night talk around the fireplace”. Up to now, the late autumn, severe winter, and early spring in northern China, it is the same as the cold season in southern China. The fireplaces are perfect. No wonder ancestors chose fireplaces to deal with different solar terms. Even though the inheritance of the fireplace culture has been broken in China for a period of time, now a traveler returns home with an ingenious decoration. Tasting the hot coffee, covering the warm blanket, and looking at a beloved book, such a comfortable life can only be described by the word “comfortable”. Consider installing a marble floating mantel shelf fireplace in your home. Aongking also has more white marble fireplaces for you to choose from.


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