Factory Direct Supply Indoor Decoration White Natural Marble Stone Mantel Fireplace


Model NO.: AKM-035

Size: Life Size / Custom Customized : Customized

Material: Marble

Technology: Marble carving

Surface: Polish

Design: Customized

Import & Export Mode: Have Own Export License

Package: Wooden Batten box

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The fireplace is somewhat mysterious because it is connected to the chimney, which is a passage between the outside world and the inside world. People sit by the fireplace and watch the fire change, and they can predict the weather outside the house. If the fire is pale or has a lot of abnormal sparks, or the ash clumps or sudden ash falls, it is a sign of rain. If a fire is buzzing or a flue is popping and winds are stronger than usual, a storm is on the way. If the flames burn more fiercely, frost is predicted. The fireplace thus became a real medium connecting the inside and the outside.

In the past, technology and space limited fireplaces to large houses. And the occurrence that comes new-style fireplaces in recent years, do not need a chimney, and the installation position is flexible, the fireplace becomes the new favorite of the family gradually again. Almost all fireplaces on the market at present can be disassembled, consisting of a mantelpiece and a fireplace core. The former played a decorative role, the latter played a practical role. There are many materials in the mantelpiece, the main one we provide for you is a marble mantelpiece. Fireplace core differs according to fuel, have burning wood, burning carbon, gas. Electricity, etc. In other words, buying a fireplace now is as simple as buying a modular piece of furniture. If you are interested in the fireplace, more color fireplaces are waiting for you to choose from.


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