Granite Fireplace

Granite Fireplace Mantel

Granite is a natural stone that releases no harmful substances when heated. In addition, this granite fireplace mantel does not lose its exterior aesthetic and radiates good heat during long operations. Granite fireplaces mantel is also strong and resistant to temperature changes, and they are durable and graceful. Granite fireplaces mantel not only emphasize interior finishes but also create comfortable rooms. A granite fireplace mantel is a great choice for home use, with various figures and figurines in light tones, or a simple fireplace mantel with straight edges. If the house doesn’t have central heating, this granite fireplace mantel is the perfect device to heat the room quickly. Therefore, there is no substitute for this type of building in country houses and farmhouses.

Sandstone Fireplace Mantel 

Sandstone fireplaces mantel, in the orthodox European style, are not only distinctive in appearance but also have features not found in cast iron burners: extremely high internal combustion temperatures and safe outer wall temperatures. The carefully decorated rooms with sandstone fireplaces mantel have a unique ambiance created by the collision of antiquity and modernity. The sandstone fireplace mantel creates a warm tone style that is simple and elegant, warm and luxurious. If you want to put the sandstone fireplace mantel in a foot massage leisure, western restaurant lounge, hotel club hall, product display room, and other places, he is a good choice.

Sandstone Fireplace
Slate Fireplace

Slate Fireplace Mantel 

Natural materials called “Slate” are actually used to complete real and artificial fireplaces mantel. Its appearance is comparable to that of marble because the composition of the stone is unique. Slate fireplaces mantel need to be cleaned regularly. Slate fireplace mantel is more suitable for country cottage-style homes. Slate fireplaces mantel decorate the rooms, giving the space a casual beauty. Slate fireplace mantel side wall with different shades of schist masonry, giving a rough natural texture, it is always so casual and comfortable.

Limestone Fireplace Mantel 

There is no denying that the limestone fireplace mantel is an example of beautiful craftsmanship. The limestone is very light and not for those who prefer dark fireplaces mantel. Nonetheless, the limestone creates a beautiful, attract-looking fireplace mantel that gives the space a warm and comfortable feel. Use a limestone fireplace mantel to decorate your space for a high degree of refinement and style.

Limestone Fireplace
Travertine Fireplace

Travertine Fireplace Mantel 

Travertine materials are durable because they are heat-resistant and non-flammable. Any type of color, style, and pattern decorated with travertine materials gives the fireplace mantel a rich and unique appearance. The travertine fireplace mantel has a timeless look that takes place with an antique touch of stone. The travertine fireplace mantel design gives a stylish and modern feel. With their timeless appearance, robustness, and resistance to extreme temperatures, travertine fireplaces mantel will add beauty and value to your home and your life.

Quartz Fireplace Mantel 

Quartz fireplace mantels are popular because they can significantly enhance the visual appeal of the place. Modern, crisp, and upgraded design can give your living room a new look. In addition to the refined appearance that a quartz fireplace mantel can provide to your home, you will appreciate its durability, heat resistance, and low maintenance. Quartz also comes in a variety of colors, designs, and styles. Modern finishes look elegant when the fireplace mantel is combined with quartz. You can inject a modern feel into your room. With a quartz fireplace mantel, the aesthetic appeal of your interior will become more obvious.

Quartz Fireplace