Scene Classification

The fireplace mantel is a very popular modern heating device, of course, it can also be used to decorate the space. It has decorative functions as well as practical value. We can be divided into the outdoor fireplace mantel and indoor fireplace mantel according to the scene application of the fireplace. Choose the most suitable fireplace mantel according to your needs.

outdoor fireplace mantel

Indoor fireplace mantel

Style Classification

Fireplace mantels originated in western countries, used for heating. With the change of The Times, and the communication of western culture, the fireplace mantel appears in every European and American countries family in a rich and colorful form, it is an important adornment act the role of the European and American countries family, it is the symbol of The European and American countries national identity and status.

Fireplace mantels have many styles. There are contemporary fireplace mantels, traditional fireplace mantels, simple fireplace mantels, modern fireplace mantels, French fireplace mantels, and European fireplace mantels… You can choose according to the style of your room. If you do not choose, we can provide you with some advice to help you choose the fireplace mantel you are most satisfied with. Welcome to contact Aongking.

Contemporary mantel

Traditional mantel

Simplicity mantel

Modern mantel

French mantel

European mantel

Color Classification

Fireplace mantels are not all white, but there are many colors to choose from. There are white fireplace mantels, black marble fireplace mantels, yellow marble fireplace mantels, red marble fireplace mantels, and green marble fireplace mantels for you to choose from. One is to choose according to your personal preference, if you are very red, so you can choose to put a red fireplace in your home.

And the other is to choose according to the color of the wall. Fireplace mantels are usually placed against walls, and if your walls are light-colored, we recommend a light-colored fireplace mantel. That way the fireplace mantel will match your whole room. We have some suggestions for your reference. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us.

White marble mantel

Black marble mantel

Yellow marble mantel

modern popular red marble fireplace

Red marble mantel

Green marble mantel

Detail Classification

We hand-carve our own fireplace mantel sculptures. Our carving master has decades of carving experience and is highly skilled. The details over each fireplace mantels are exquisite. It is precise because of the exquisite details that the entire fireplace mantel appears more realistic. There are animal relief mantels, simple relief, mantel, and character relief mantels. If there is no style you like, we can also customize it for you and modify the details for you until you are satisfied.

Animal relief mantel

Simple relief mantel

Character relief mantel

Outdoor Fireplace Mantel

There’s nothing better than installing an outdoor fireplace mantel to create an atmosphere that will keep people safely warm during the cold season. An additional benefit of outdoor fireplace mantels is that they enhance the visual appeal of their surroundings, as almost all outdoor fireplace mantels are decorated with stone, so they blend in better with the environment. There are more outdoor fireplace mantels are waiting for you to choose from.

outdoor fireplace mantel

Indoor Fireplace Mantel

Fireplaces are mainly used to warm the interior and can also be used to decorate the space. The fireplace has been used in the western country formerly has an adornment effect and practical value, its modeling each different. You can choose a suitable indoor fireplace based on the structure of your interior space.

Indoor fireplace mantel

Animal Fireplace Mantel

The animal sculpture mantel is very common in our life and is a very modern decoration. Usually, the sides of the mantelpiece are carved out of animal sculpture mantels. The most common is the lion fireplace mantel. Because lions have auspicious connotations, carving them on the mantelpiece will also bring you more luck.

Lion fireplace mantel

Character Fireplace Mantel

Character fireplace mantel is also a very common kind of fireplace mantel. We have a lot of different types of fireplace mantels, and different forms of fireplace mantels. So you not only have the sculpture but you also have a warm fireplace mantel. We can also customize the pattern you want. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Character fireplace mantel

Mantel Shape Classification

Fireplace mantels have single-layer fireplace mantels and double fireplace mantels. Different shapes of fireplace mantels can reflect the beauty of the fireplace mantel. A nice fireplace mantel will add a lot of color to your room. You can choose a suitable fireplace mantel to decorate according to the setting of your room. There are many fireplace mantels are waiting for you to choose from.

Single-layer Fireplace

Single-layer Fireplace Mantel

Double Fireplace

Double Fireplace Mantel