How to Choose the Different Colors of Marble Fireplace Mantels?

Marble is very stylish and adaptable, which means you can use marble fireplace mantels in any type of home — you can have both modern and traditional designs. Marble can work beautifully in period properties, but it can be just as beautiful when used in modern living spaces.

In terms of color, marble works well with almost any home color scheme. While marble was once a symbol of high society, it is now more affordable and readily available, making it possible to find marble-effect fireplace mantel marble for most budgets. You can also find that there are many different colors of marble fireplace mantels. What does the fireplace mantel of different colors represent respectively? How will you choose? Next, we’ll give you a clear answer.

factory wholesale price marble carved fire place mantel floral design

Carved Marble Fireplace Mantel Floral Design

Different Colors Marble Fireplace Mantels

White marble fireplace mantels. Few things are as impressive and stunning as white marble effect fireplace mantels — they’re classic designs that have represented luxury for centuries. But now they can be installed in most homes, even in a modern style.

Buying white marble fireplace mantels could mean a simple, clean design, or you could opt for something highly decorative. That’s the beauty of it, the color texture in the marble can be contrasted with bold colors and decorations. It’s all because marble is so versatile.

Modern fire place white marble electric fireplace surround

White Marble (Electric) Fireplaces Surround

Luxury Modern Style Customized Home Black Mantel Marble Fireplace Surround on Sale

Home Decor Black Marble Fireplace mantels

Black marble fireplace mantels. Due to the wide range of possibilities for combining black marble with other materials or tones, it is at its disposal to create unique and diverse environments. Compared to the brightness of white marble, black marble is more elegant and is a perfect match not to be missed. This fusion of tones is not unique to minimalism, as it can also be part of other styles, such as the modern classical style.

Yellow marble fireplace mantels. When the light hits the yellow marble, it brings out a flash of sunlight. The perfect marble brings ventilation and joy to the modern atmosphere. It reminds people of golden flashes. Like long blond hair, with a golden glow. The yellow marble is formed by irregular calcite cracks with some red veins of inclusions. Reminiscent of the sunny and enviable Spanish climate, the three-color structure is as unique, dazzling, and powerful as the material. In modern interiors, yellow marble fireplace mantels work perfectly with light-colored or wooden furniture, enhancing the brightness of the space. Combined with dark tones, the contrast is sharp and refined. Yellow marble is definitely a smart choice to create a unique atmosphere.

Natural Indoor Decorative Hand Carved Marble Fireplace

Outdoor Modern Yellow Marble Firepalce mantels

Living Room Marble Fireplace Mantel Hand Carved Cast Natural Coral Red Marble Fireplace

Hand-Carved Red Marble Fireplace mantels

Red marble fireplace mantels. Passion for red. An atmosphere of strong individuality. Powerful, unhesitating, and unsettling, this is the Red Marble collection. It’s no surprise that they awaken passion and invite you to let your imagination run wild. Designed for those who like to be different, because they like and feel different.

Green marble fireplace mantels. Decisive, groundbreaking, and designed to catch every eye. For those restless people who understand that difference is a value in itself. From the delicate and majestic greens that evoke the most luxurious palaces, to the unique and incomparable green of the rainforest — with them, anything is possible. Magical Spaces transport you to distant lands and deliver the essence that makes them so special and desirable.

hot sale modern design green marble fireplace surround for sale

Hot Sale Modern Design Green Marble Fireplace mantel

More Fireplace mantel Sculptures

natural marble fire place pillar mantel surround house renovation design1
Outdoor Decor Lion Statue Decoration Marble Statue Fireplace Mantel
Hand Carved Natural Stone Western Simple Black Marble Fireplace Surround Mantel
modern popular red marble fireplace

More different styles of marble fireplace mantels are waiting for you to choose from

The marble fireplace mantels are a symbol, connected not only with loud words like warmth and light but also with family togetherness. After a whole day’s toil, or a whole year’s toil, one can talk to another, laugh and quarrel, take refuge, and love.

Fireplace mantel contains full-bodied Euramerican household style all the time. In fact, in the cold climates of Northern Europe and North America, the fireplace mantel was once the center of a home in the early years. It brings people warmth and helps them get through the long winter.

The above is about how to choose the different colors of marble fireplace mantels some matters to note the relevant introduction, in the home to install a fireplace, winter is a family around the fireplace mantel to talk is it very sweet? Actually, the sort of fireplace also is a variety of diversiform, everybody can undertake the choice according to the actual circumstance of his home. Aongking can also show you how to choose a fireplace mantel. More different styles of fireplace mantels are waiting for you to choose from. You can find more marble sculptures from Aongking.

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