How to choose a suitable marble mantel shelf

In modern society, there is no shortage of so-called modern products. But nostalgia for those old products is more likely to remind people of something good. The fireplace mantel shelf is able to let people in the winter better cold, so as to have a warm, happy winter. The fireplace can be subdivided into Europe-type fireplace mantel shelves, Chinese-style fireplace mantel shelves, and so on. Also can be divided into wood-burning fireplace mantel shelves, real fire fireplaces, and other different types. The fireplace itself is heated by burning. Combustion brings high temperatures and smoke, and during combustion, the temperature in the furnace can reach 1000°C. Smoke and carbon monoxide can also be produced if not burned adequately. This decided excellent fireplace needs to have two kinds of advantages at least: it is to bear or endure high temperatures. It is sufficient to air when burning. So choosing the right fireplace is crucial to the safety and health of the whole family. How to choose a good fireplace mantel shelf, choose a fireplace mantel shelf is hould pay attention to what. This is what we should learn.

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Choose a marble fireplace mantel shelf to consider from many aspects

First of all, fireplaces are chosen according to space. There are many kinds of fireplaces, such as real fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and decorative fireplace mantel shelves. Real fire fireplace is divided into gas fireplaces and wood-burning fireplaces, which usually require a chimney to expel dust and smoke. Suitable for single-family villas, etc. Electric fireplace suits all sorts of door models, quotation is relatively cheap and the device is convenient, but the heating effect is relatively poor.

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Outdoor Decor Lion Statue Decoration Marble Fireplace Mantel Shelf

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Chinese Natural Marble Fireplace mantel shelf for Sale

In addition, fireplace mantel shelves are chosen according to the material. Fireplace mantel shelf burning will produce thousands of degrees of high temperature if the material is not real and will produce deformation, and leakage, resulting in safety problems. Must choose seriously so, buy a fireplace mantel shelf with good quality. The glass in the fireplace must be resistant to high temperatures, or it will crack easily when it is cold. Pay attention to whether the fireplace coating is environmentally friendly, formaldehyde-free, or easy to fall off. The firebrick inside the furnace cavity is the important fitting of the fireplace, and of firebrick stores, heat sex is very important also. How about the construction and installation of the fireplace smoke pipe, whether it is easy to leak water, exhaust gas, and wood creosote? In addition, the fiber rope inside the fireplace seal, door lock switch, and other materials are durable. The fireplace mantel shelf is soft outfit furniture with long service life, the fireplace mantel shelfof a high grade uses a fixed number of years and the house are same, the house uses how long, and the fireplace mantel shelf can use how long. Choose a fireplace so when, notice the material actor bad fireplace mantel shelf, can avoid a lot of worry at home.

What’s more, the choice of fireplace mantel shelf depends on technology.

(1) Complete combustion technology
A good fireplace mantel shelf should have a very good air circulation system, on the one hand, should ensure combustion is sufficient, firewood is sufficient combustion ability won’t produce carbon monoxide that is harmful to the human body. In addition, it is convenient to avoid airflow too fast to take away too much heat and can not reach the heating effect.

(2) Self-cleaning function
When the fireplace mantel shelf burns, there will be solid particles attached to the door glass, making the glass black and dirty, affecting the beauty of the fireplace. A good fireplace mantel shelf can contain a clean function, pass 2 times enter wind technology, make the fireplace mantel shelf by oneself clean glass, need not artificial clean, very convenient environmental protection.

(3) a piece of newspaper lighting technology.
A good fireplace mantel shelf has a good air control system so you don’t have to worry about making a fire. Roll up a piece of newspaper, put some easy-to-burn wood squares on it, put wood on it, and then light the newspaper and close the door. Air intake can also be controlled through the throttle, so as to achieve the effect of controlling the flame size.

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New design Natural White Marble Fireplace Mantel Shelf

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More Marble Fireplace  Mantel Shelf With Sculptures

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More different styles of marble fireplace mantel shelf are waiting for you to choose from

The fireplace mantel shelf is a symbol, connected not only with loud words like warmth and light but also with family togetherness. After a whole day’s toil, or a whole year’s toil, one can talk to another, laugh and quarrel, take refuge, and love. Fireplace contains full-bodied Euramerican household style all the time. In fact, in the cold climates of Northern Europe and North America, the fireplace mantel shelf was once the center of a home in the early years. It brings people warmth and helps them get through the long winter. The above is about how to choose the fireplace some matters to note the relevant introduction, in the home to install a fireplace, winter is a family around the fireplace to talk is it very sweet? Actually, the sort of fireplace also is a variety of diversiform, everybody can undertake the choice according to the actual circumstance of his home. More different styles of fireplaces are waiting for you to choose from.

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