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Aongking Mantel Manufacture

Different materials of mantel, its production process is basically different. The copper sculpture is made by the dewaxing casting method, while the stainless steel sculpture is forged by hand and sometimes cast. The stone sculptures were carved by hand. A marble sculpture can be seen as the epitome of everything in the world, the precursor. At the same time, marble carvings also record various forms of history or culture. In the world of marble sculpture, this is recorded. Here, we record and make classic marble fireplace sculptures.

3D design

01. Marble Fireplace Mantel 3D Design

3D modeling is mostly used for proofing mantels, and the shape of the mantel should be determined first. 3D commodity display technology can display commodities in a three-dimensional interactive way on the web page so that you can view the characteristics of commodities in all directions, and intuitively understand the commodity information. Aongking 3D design team consists of 6 3D designers from China, Ukraine, India, and the UK. No matter what kind of mantel you need, it can be done in 3D. Top teams provide top services.

02. Cutting Marble Mantel

Marble is a kind of natural stone. In the mantel process, to cut a block of marble, we need wet saws with diamond blades and proper safety equipment. Mark the marble with a pencil and slowly move the slate into the machine. To prevent cracking or damaging the slab. Aongking cut a small piece on the back and finish the cut on the marble front.

cutting marble
drawing on stone

03. Drawing On Stone

When the mantel is selected, the mantel you made first will be drawn on the stone. Our engraver will mark specific lines by using calipers to measure the stone areas to be worked on and removing areas with pencil, charcoal, or chalk marks. Stone carvers often use lighter strokes in this process. Drawing shapes can help you understand where everything is going and how the shapes will meet. Paint the mantel from multiple angles in preparation for the next step.

04. Marble Mantel Carving

Eventually, the sculptor carved the stone from rough blocks into the rough shape of the finished mantel. The shapes are then enhanced into their final form using tools called Rasps and Rifflers. A file is a flat steel tool with a rough surface. Our sculptors use extensive and comprehensive brush strokes to remove excess stone into small chips or dust.

Statue Carving

05. Marble Mantel Polishing

Polishing is the final step in the sculpting process. Sculptors use a variety of fine abrasive materials, such as sandpaper or sandpaper, to highlight the patterns in the stone and highlight its natural luster. We also use tin oxide for a high gloss finish. However, regardless of the method used, a shiny marble mantel will appear more translucent than an unpolished marble mantel.

06. Finished Marble Fireplace Mantel

Finally, after layers of work, a perfect fireplace will appear in front of your eyes. We have a complete team structure and rich experience to efficiently complete mantel projects ranging from a few centimeters to dozens of meters.

6 Finished marble fireplace
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