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Every detail is the result of our engineers’ hard work!

Aongking is located in the “Hometown of Chinese Sculpture”-Quyang Hebei Province. Quyang Hebei Province has been a major exporter and producer of fine mantel and art sculptures for 30 years. The nature marble fireplace mantel is one of the mainly engaged custom marble artworks. Our mainly engaged in custom fireplaces mantel are mainly made of natural marble and stone by engineers. We have a variety of mainly engaged custom fireplaces mantel styles, including European mainly engaged custom fireplaces mantel style, American mainly engaged in custom fireplaces mantel style, etc., and everything. If your home just lacks a fireplace marble surround, please contact us immediately. And, we will provide you with a 24-hour consulting service and quotation. You can find more nature marble sculptures from Aongking, too.

The carving craftsmanship of nature marble fireplace mantels of our master

We can customize what you want

Nature marble fireplace mantels are hand-carved by our engineers. Our engineers have 30 years of carving experience. Under the carvings of our engineers, an ordinary stone becomes a beautiful work of art. Put fine marble fireplace mantels in your living room. It will add an artistic atmosphere to your living room. We can customize your ideal nature marble fireplace mantels according to your preferences. We will provide you with the information on the production of the fireplace mantel, provide you with the details of the fireplace mantel, and modify the details according to your preferences until you are satisfied!

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Packaging and transportation of nature marble fireplace mantels

We will provide you with EXW, FOB and door-to-door prices

When you are satisfied with the customized nature marble fireplace mantels. Aongking sales will arrange the transportation of the fireplace mantel. Packaging We will choose the appropriate packaging according to the size and weight of the goods. Before shipping. And, check the latest freight charges for your city’s port to help you book a ferry ticket or air ticket. If you want to deliver it to your door. We will check the door-to-door price for you for your reference, in short, we will choose a cost-effective way to transport the goods for you. You can find the cheapest marble fireplace mantels from Aongking(Even including the shipping costs to you are 30-50% lower than in Europe.).

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